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More than 100 contracted farms

Riona Garden

fresh cut flowers production and improvement

We are an orchid grower and main floral Thai exporter located in Thailand. We grow orchids in the western and northern part of Bangkok. Our field is focusing on the production of fresh cut orchids, blooms, flasks, and cutting of orchids including Mokara, Dendrobium, Aranthera, Oncidium, Vanda, and Anthurium. Moreover, as we have good relationships with our suppliers, we also offer other products such as Dracaena, Leaves, Heliconia, and Tropical flowers.

Our team is constantly improving the quality of our plant. Our orchid lab are focus on the development of new orchid hybrid with longer vase life and bigger blooms. We can be one-stop service center where we could provide you all the floral products from Thailand. With our packing factory, our customers never concern about the quality and delivery timing of our products. The oldest customer we have dealt business with have been dealing the business with us for 35 years.

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