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Mission Statement

Whatever the occasion, our orchids will make it special!

Riona seeks to create more happiness in the world around us with our orchids by making people have a smile on their face when someone give them our flowers. As the No.1 orchid brand in Thailand, we believe that to make great quality products has to begin from the core, which means we take into account all the processes from flower cutting, flower selection to the delivery methods. While we are committed to adapt the new technology to post-harvest methods and continuously improve the quality and longevity of post-harvest flowers, we also keep the reasonable price for you to add our flowers to your occasions, home, and office. Although with our own developed flower treatment solution, our orchids can now stay up to 21 days, we never stop making our treatment even better. Moreover, as we believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups which allow us to develop in a way that others cannot, we have more than 100 trusted contracted farms, apart from our own farm, to provide us enough the best quality flowers during high season.



One of the 1st Orchid suppliers

with 40-year experience.

Sun international Flower Co., Ltd. is one of the main fresh orchid exporters in Thailand. Our company was firstly established in 1979. Today, with more than 40 years of experience in orchids and flowers exporting field, our company exports more than 5 global markets, including Asia, Australia, North America, Middle East, Europe and Africa. At this moment, the company is one of the leading orchid cut flowers exporters in Thailand. We export more than 100 varieties including dendrobium, oncidium, mokara, vanda, leis, lucky bamboos, heliconia, carnation, and etc. In addition to provide the best quality orchid cut flowers, our company also provides first-class orchid plants which are available in flasks, seeding, and blooming sizes!

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